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nikka whisky x ritz carlton dinner

An Evening of Dine & Dream

featuring selected whiskies from Nikka Whisky

送上Nikka Whisky 威士忌香氣縈繞的微醺晚上


煙熏三文魚薄片, 奶油辣根, 紅石榴配柚子汁
Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky or Highball
(Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky with Japanese Apple Liqueur, Club Soda & Lemon Twist)
Pairing note: Perfect aperitif pairing. Complex corn sweetness from Nikka Grain Whisky highlights the briny and smoky note from the Salmon, delightfully rich with citrus aroma , which compliments each other on the palate. 
Neat: Toffee popcorn, with more of that heady citrus and tropical fruit.
Highball: Zesty, fruity, refreshing with natural sweetness


Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky or Japanese Negroni (Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky with Plum Umeshu & Sake with Dried Plum)
Pairing note: Sherry note from Miyagikyo Single Malt as the star of the drink, contributes harmony to a floral and fruity cocktail. It enhanced dark roasted, woody, smoky note of the flat iron premium meat and umami from the mushroom. Emotional symphony of flavors. 
Neat: Malt focused, with cinnamon and ginger spiciness, chocolate and tobacco note.
Japanese Negroni: Stone fruit, raisin, beeswax and hints of wood smoke.


Whisky Pairing: (this is optional with additional charge)
Grain Whisky: Toffee popcorn, with more of that heady citrus and tropical fruit.
Miyagikyo: Malt focused, with cinnamon and ginger spiciness, chocolate and tobacco

HK$688 per person with Nikka Whisky cocktail pairing

每位港幣$688 配 Nikka Whisky 雞尾酒

Additional Nikka Whisky or Nikka Whisky Cocktail at HK$120 per glass
另加港幣$120 可配一杯額外 Nikka Whisky 威士忌或 Nikka Whisky 雞尾酒

Sky Huo, seasoned bartender as well as Spirits Alchemist of Nikka Whisky HK
Sky Huo, seasoned bartender as well as Spirits Alchemist of Nikka Whisky HK

Available from March 1 to April 30, 2021, Ritz Carlton Hotel - The Lounge & Bar will guide connoisseurs on an exploration of Japanese whiskies through a unique cocktail-pairing dinner experience comprises of a scrumptious three-course menu and tantalizing pairing concoctions made with selected whiskies from Nikka Whisky. 

Sky Huo, seasoned bartender as well as Spirits Alchemist of Nikka Whisky HK, will take the helm and create her signature cocktails for the guests at The Lounge & Bar, for four particular nights only on March 1 & 26 and April 1 & 30, 2021,

Curated by Sky, the two pairing cocktails Nikka’s Coffey Grain Whisky Highball and Japanese Negroni shine spotlights on Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky and Miyagikyo Single Malt respectively. 

Nikka’s Coffey Grain Whisky Highball is a refreshing highball exuding delightful flavors of apple and citrus, prepping guests for the gastronomy journey to come. Sky carefully selects this grain whisky which weaves in sweet notes of corn that match perfectly with the smoky notes of the starter Smoked Salmon Carpaccio with Creamed Horseradish, Pomegranate and Yuzu Dressing. Alternatively, guests may opt for a neat Nikka’s Coffey Grain Whisky instead to have a fuller taste of its complex yet fascinating aroma profile with hints of toffee, popcorn, citrus and tropical fruits.

Japanese Negroni featuring Miyagikyo Single Malt draws inspiration from the classic Negroni. With the addition of plum umeshu and sake, this powerful cocktail is not only a modern interpretation of an all-time classic, but also showcases a symphony of matching flavors as the ginger and cinnamon notes of the single malt enhance the hints of plum, raisin and tobacco of the sake.

Ritz Carlton culinary team has specially prepared a main course Flat Iron Steak with Celeriac Puree, Porcini Mushroom & Kale Chips to be paired with Japanese Negroni. Caramel notes in the single malt go perfectly with the succulent red meat, while the smoky overtones of the whisky impress guests as much as that of the grilled steak itself. Aromas of porcini mushroom are elevated by the touch of sweetness from the plum umeshu.

There is nothing better than an enticing dessert Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream to wrap up the indulgent evening. For an elevated experience, enjoy an additional glass of Nikka’s Coffey Grain Whisky at a supplement with the dessert, and let the rich vanilla and caramel flavors of the drams evoke.

“Dine & Dram” Three-course Dinner Menu is priced at HK$688 per person, including two glasses of pairing cocktails. Additional glass of whisky is available at HK$120.

nikka whisky x ritz carlton dinner
nikka whisky x ritz carlton dinner
nikka whisky x ritz carlton dinner

An Evening of Dine & Dram

- Date: March 1 – April 30, 2021

- Time: Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

- Venue: The Lounge & Bar, Level 102, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

- Price: HK$688 per person for a three-course menu with Nikka Whisky cocktail pairing

Additional glass of whisky is available at HK$120 each

For reservation and enquiries of An Evening of Dine & Dram, please call +852 2263 2270 or email restaurantreservation.hk@ritzcarlton.com.  
*All prices are subject to 10% service charge

Special Introduction of Lobmeyr Crystal Glasses


When The Legend Began In 1823

Lobmeyr began in 1823 when Josef Lobmeyr, an Austrian from a glass-cutting family business, first opened a small glassware shop in Weihburggasse, Vienna. The shop began by selling exquisite works produced by the most important Bohemian glass manufacturers of the day. Now in its 6th generation, the brand’s success lies not only in a genuine love of glass but also their passion to contemporary interpretation.


The input of invited designers has always formed a big part of Lobmeyr’s development, starting from the collaboration with well-known architects Joseph Hoffmann and Adolf Loos in the early 20th century to jewelry designer Ted Muehling today.  All of them understand the spirit of Lobmeyr and fulfill the needs for those who seek the finest quality and craftsmanship.  You can still find Lobmeyr design all over the world including MoMA in New York, V&A Museum in London and MAK in Vienna.

Clear Balloon Tumbler (Double old fashioned), designed by Ted Muehling, 2007

The New York designer Ted Muehling found beauty in the simple and utilitarian shapes of old Roman and middle ages glass. He was also taken by the Vienna Secession period and the exquisitely thin pieces that Josef Hoffman designed for Lobmeyr. The indentation in the bottom make the pieces sensuous which one can’t help but to caress and treasure.  Hold it tightly with this concave shapes design and warm up a glass of whiskey or cognac in your hand, add little bit of Stillwater, it tends to bring out the flavour, release the aromas and sweetness out for you. 


Spirit glass Staehlemuehle, designed by Mark Braun and Christoph Keller, 2013

Designer Mark Braun and master distiller Christoph Keller from the Stählemühle fruit distillery had developed a completely new type of liqueur glass in 2013. The shape abstracted from a distilling flask, let you warming the spirits to the perfect temperature.
The cambered floor of the glass enlarges the surface area laced by the drink, thus ensuring contact with oxygen. Gentle swirling provides aeration, aromas escape through the gently bowed chimney of the delicate, mouth-blown muslin glass which creates incomparably tantalizing contact between lips and drink.


Exclusive Selected Nikka Whisky & Lobmeyr - The Premium Crystal

Special offer 20% off on Nikka Whisky Dinner Selection & Lobmeyr Products, limited quantity*

*Customer sign-up new account will receive HKD100 credit and additional 500 member points. Promotion is only valid from 1 Mar - 30 April 2021, within the Nikka Whisky Dinner period.

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